Quality Management

Our target is to provide zero defects products to client which is remarkable in industry. To meet the global demand we take care at every stage right from raw material purchase to finished goods. Our quality assurance team is trained and well experienced. To achieve the maximum standard our quality control team continuously monitors the products and user requirement right from the production stage up to the final dispatch. Due to strict quality control procedures our customers are ensured that their requirements are met accurately and consistency each & every piece is inspected under strict quality control manuals.

Quality Control Equipments

  • Profile Projector
  • Force Testing Machine
  • Metal Hardness Testing Machine
  • Centrifugal Deburring-Polishing Machine
  • Vibro Finishing Machine
  • Digital Vernier Calliper [Mitutoyo Brand]
  • Micro Meter [Mitutoyo Brand]
  • Dial Vernier Caliper [Mitutoyo Brand]
  • Torque Testing Machine
  • Ring & Plug Gauges for various Threads
  • WCP Gauges - Master Calibration
  • Pin Gauges-Specific
  • Special Structural Gauges to Control Critical Dimensions
  • Special Radius Gauges to check radius over components

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Jogmaya. We ensure that we are able to deliver high quality products to our customers according to their need. All our valued customers have awarded us consistently ensuring the high quality of our products. All our products pass through stringent quality testing procedures and inspections. We have an efficient quality control system in place. Quality control begins by checking raw materials for compliance with specifications. All products are inspected at all stages of manufacturing for defect free surface quality. Our plant has maintained ISO 9001:2015, a certification of quality management systems maintained by the International Organization of Standardization and administered by certification and accreditation bodies

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